For two reasons Scott started this blog, yea for three he posts.  He wanted to chronicle his experiences as an aspiring/amateur/part-time/non-traditional author attempting to get an ebook out there in front of people.  He wanted to promote the book he wrote (back when it was just one book – he’s currently working on the fourth in the series).   He apparently has quite an ego. (he also tends to use quite a few parentheses and just a little bit of third person in his writing about himself – I wonder what’s up with that – if he ever goes nuts and writes a Unabomber style manifesto, he’ll have to remind himself that he seems to recall distinctive stylistic elements in his writing were how they caught that loon).

Seriously, I decided to write a book, and this blog mostly deals with that (and when I finish this series of books – I am on book four and I have the rest of the series outlined – it will be a blog dealing with future writing projects).

If you want to contact me (to ask a question, to make a private comment, to call me a nut, just about any reason but to sell me something) just send me an email.  scott.biddle@sbcglobal.net

The interesting thing is that this blog covers a wide variety of topics.  It started out as me talking about my writing, but it has branched out into philosophy as well as analysis of pop culture old and new.  The single most popular post so far has been an analysis of arrogance and self-confidence that used Michael Jordan as a case study.  What does this tell me?  If you want people to find you via Google, talk about sports legends.


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