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So, the guy that does my artwork is a friend of mine that I have known for several years.  We have reached the point now that he will run an idea by me for feedback and I will suggest something to him.  He’s also one of my beta readers, so he knows what’s going on in the story and can come up with some ideas for covers (or I will suggest something to him, but his graphical ideas are far better than mine).

I have commented on our collaboration on several occasions, but I wanted to share with you the latest endeavor.  It’s pretty funny (and I don’t just say that because the original kernel of an idea was mine).  Suffice it to say that it’s not often that a glimpse of a single Hallmark Christmas ornament can inspire you to help create something that is humor related to a wildly popular comic book, a rather famous song, and an insanely well known and popular movie, but as I walked past one of our four Christmas trees this year, I saw an ornament and immediately thought of the scene here with a “wouldn’t that be funny?”

My first instinct upon thinking of something that could be done as a humorous parody was to send a quick note to James, because he has a similar sense of humor and the artistic skills to pull it off.  He immediately saw the humor and said he would sit right down and do this as soon as he finished what he was working on.  He finished what he was working on and forgot about this, but when he remembered and finished it, I think it was worth the wait. (and yes, I thought it was good enough to justify a bonus Saturday night post – maybe I just feel guilty about not posting Thursday)