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So, the holidays are over.  We had a good break, and I got to see family and friends from far off.  The biggest single chunk of time went to a trip to Murfreesboro, TN (where I would recommend never staying at the Country Inn & Suites).  That trip allowed me to have a good visit with my family, and we returned home safely.

In fact, I got to see my beta reader who lives in San Diego just yesterday and I got to ring in the New Year with my beta reader who lives in Kentucky.  They were a friend and a relative respectively long before they were beta readers, but I like to think my writing is good enough they’d have wanted to be beta readers and they’d have sought to meet with me even if they weren’t, right?

I got some books for Christmas, as did our little bibliophile.  She has already knocked out ten new books since Christmas (six in the Magic Treehouse series and the first four Boxcar Children books).

Anyway, it is back to the grind.  I didn’t do as much writing as I would have liked on the fourth book in The Vergrinn War, but I got a couple of chapters done.  I also did an interview with a site about Arkansas Authors, and they posted the first part of that today.  You can go there and see what I look like when I have been sledding down a hill for an hour and my face gets covered in snow and ice, because I thought that would be a funny picture to submit when they required a head shot.

As a bonus to my followers here (and folks who read the piece on Arkansas Authors), I have set up a free promo for the Kindle version of Vergrinn War Book Two.  The free promo will run from tomorrow (January 7th) through Saturday, January 11th.  If you want a free eBook to check out, feel free to grab it then.