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A collage of colorful characters can make anything enjoyable.  My wife and I have recently started watching “Duck Dynasty” (beginning at the beginning – we are in the third season now).  Ultimately, it’s the story of Willie (as much as Jase would hate to read this).  Willie is surrounded by a cast of colorful supporting characters that includes his nemesis/brother Jase, his crazy uncle Si, his dad Phil (who has the right answer for every problem they run into) and several others including my wife’s personal favorite, the slow-talking “Mountain Man.”

I always wonder how “real” reality television is, but this seems a little too convenient.”  Maybe it is genuine, and the reason that the show is so popular is because of its genuineness.  I must admit, I would rather watch this reality television show than read or watch many works of fiction.

As I have written the Vergrinn War, I have attempted to weave a complete tapestry of characters.  You start off with Amundr, the focus of the series.  You add in his best friend Saegrimr, and then you layer in multiple rivals and mentors as you journey through Alarr.  The characters interact and grow in interesting ways, and then I added in womenfolk and monsters.  That takes the dynamic to a whole next level (especially the women).

What kind of things do you enjoy about your favorite books, shows, or movies?  What are some examples of great interplay between characters?