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Yes, I missed a week of blogging.  I feel awful about that.  Well, no time machines exist yet, and the basis for my next project (a Sci Fi short story or Novella called “The Octonian Paradox”) doesn’t exist yet either (hence the term Science FICTION), so there’s nothing I can do about it.

As I have worked to improve my writing (and wanted to enter some contests), I have read some flash fiction (ultra-short stories), and even written a few pieces over the past year or so.  My kids have recently started asking for bed time stories, and this has been a great opportunity to work on improvisational flash fiction.

Ultimately, I have created a series of short/flash stories that revolve around a fixed set of characters.  The characters are a little boy named Bez, his sister Phez, and his stuffed pet Goosey.  Any similarity to my own kids Zeb, Zephi, and Zeb’s stuffed puppet Ducky is not coincidental.  The characters face challenges similar to those faced by either their namesakes or their namesakes’ father (yours truly) during the course of a normal childhood.  The challenges and resolutions vary slightly from reality in an effort to ensure that the kids never feel bad about anything that goes wrong in the stories, and they usually include a morality tale.

My job as a writer (as I see it, anyway) is to entertain folks while providing “worthwhile” tales and characters to follow.  I would not write if I couldn’t keep it wholesome and high quality, and I would give up pretty quickly if everybody thought my stories were boring.

The interesting thing is that the more stories I create, the more pop into my head.  Tonight’s installment will likely deal with sledding on a snow day (something we rarely see in Arkansas), and I have some ideas about trips to big cities waiting in the wings.

What stories entertained you when you were a kid?  Have you ever wondered where the ideas for those came from?