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So, I donated some copies of my books to our local public library.  I know a local school superintendent, so I asked her if she would like copies for her school library as well.  She said that would be great, so I donated copies of my books to their library.  Someone asked me if they could buy copies from me to donate to another library, and I sold them to her.  Another guy asked me about getting copies for his library, and I suggested he contact the library to find out their policy on book donations.

As I have said before, my primary purpose in writing was that I had an entertaining story in my head that I wanted to share with people (primarily kids), so I like the fact that my books are now available in multiple libraries.  A kid I know saw the books in his local library and told me that the librarian there told him she really enjoyed them as well, so this is a good thing.

Other than selling some books and donating some books, what is going on?  Well, the fourth book in The Vergrinn War series is in progress.  The prologue introduces some significant conflict and angst, and chapter one begins by killing off a long-running character.  All I will tell you is that it’s not Amundr, but it’s somebody that has been in the story almost as long as Amundr (Book One).  It’s not a death meant to shock or anything, it serves to drive the plot where it needs to go and shows the seriousness of the situation they are all in.  There will be more deaths before the series is over, and not one of them is thrown in lightly.

Keep an eye out for The Vergrinn War in your local library.  If it’s not there, ask them why not!