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So, the third book in The Vergrinn War has been available for a couple of weeks now and feedback is starting to trickle in from actual paying customers.  The first report I heard was that a co-worker of mine asked his son if he had read the book and he said “Yeah, I finished it a couple of weeks ago.”  I think it had been out for just over two weeks at that point.  His dad bought a paperback copy for his son (which he tells me his wife is now reading, having borrowed their son’s copies of the first two books), and asked me to sign it.  Because the young man has been a big fan of my books for a while, I told him to look for the next book, The Rightful Heir.

I have also received some good feedback on Book Two over the past few weeks.  A young man (fourteen years old) who received a copy as a gift last Sunday told me that he sat down Tuesday and suddenly realized that several hours had passed and he had finished the book.  Another person I know had bought the first two books for her grandson and brought them to me so I could sign them.  I saw them and grinned.  I didn’t have to ask if they had been read, but I did anyway.  The response?  “Many times.  He loves them!”

These pictures are pretty low resolution and don’t capture it as well as they could, but the spines were damaged, the pages were somewhat dog-eared and fluffy, and you could tell that the books had been read and re-read.  I recognized those signs instantly, as I have many books on my shelves at home that look substantially similar.  This is the kind of feedback that makes me exceedingly glad that I sat down to write.  It has never been about money or financial success, it has always been about writing a story that will captivate the attention and stir the imagination of the readers, preferably kids.

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