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Doesn’t that sound like a Star Trek Movie title?  Maybe a Weird Al Parody of a Star Trek Movie title? (much like his theme from Rocky XIII, which is GREAT).

Seriously, I have killed off folks, I have caused great damage/wreckage, and I keep dragging this thing out.  This is the final scene before the epilogue, and I promise that I will post the entire epilogue at once instead of breaking it into its two scenes.  Really.  Maybe.

By the way, I missed “Modern Mondays” this week because in addition to extra long hours at work and commuting, we are getting ready for the upcoming soccer season.  I am running two leagues as a commissioner and coaching in one of them as well as a third league, so mid August through early September are chaotic while I get things organized.

So, this is another one paragraph run on scene, where I hint at emotion (this is Spock in the scene) and mostly ignore body language.  If I wrote this today, the audience would have collectively sighed or gasped or chuckled, and certain members would have specifically responded to some of Spock’s comments in ways that would make you wonder what they were thinking.  I recognize my flaws as a writer way back when, and I recognize improvements I have made. (and if you have read any of my recent work, hopefully you’ll notice that it is vastly improved)

On to the brief little scene that is the funeral of James T. Kirk:

The ceremony went beautifully.  A Romulan representative was there to apologize for the “unauthorized” and “unforgivable” actions of his officers.  The Federation Council chambers were packed with government representatives from numerous governments, including the Klingon Empire.  Finally, Spock stepped up to the podium.  “We gather here today to celebrate the life and death of James T. Kirk, Starfleet’s greatest military hero since Garth of Izar.  His intuition and command ability were a great asset to the Federation, and his death is a tragedy.  In the sunset of his life, however, there is a last ray of hope which he has shed upon us; the Klingons have begun to accept peace overtures, and the Romulans have reduced hostile activities.  James T. Kirk has become a cornerstone of the Federation, and as long as our society exists, we will remember him as the man who so often saved all of us.  In closing, I would like to read something from his favorite book, a book I gave him and which he has now returned to me.  This statement sums up his death as well as any.”  He opened the antique book for which Kirk had showed great care.  He paused, then continued speaking.  “’It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.’”  A single tear rolled off of Spock’s cheek and fell to dampen the page.