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Yes, if you have been following along you know that when I was a senior in High School I killed off Jim Kirk and the Enterprise far more heroically than the actual Star Trek folks.  You also know that we are now wrapping things up, and in this crazy one paragraph scene, we view Jim Kirk’s video will.

Yes, I was a terrible writer.  No, we don’t see anybody’s body language or emotions.  Yes, the wording on some of the sentences was awful (once again, I plead the fact that I was just sixteen).  Suffer through this, and there are only two or three installments left.  Believe me when I say that if I had written this today, there would have been a sigh, a shrug, and maybe even an eye roll in the description.  Someone would have shifted uncomfortably, and a gentle smile would have tugged at somebody’s lips during Kirk’s recorded speech.

The thing I can’t even remember doing is deciding to have Kirk give his famous last words in this story.  I don’t know whether we would have heard about this in English class or in AP Government, but either way, I don’t think Kirk was a big admirer of the fellow I had him quote.

By the way, like Kirk in this scene, I have chosen the person who will eulogize me (if he doesn’t die before me), and I have made sure to let him know well in advance (at least, I hope it is well in advance).  No pressure on him or anything, just the knowledge that he should view every one of our interactions for the rest of time through the lens of “If Scott dies, should I even bring this up?”

So, here is the one miserable paragraph you waded through all of that to read:

About three hours later, Jim Kirk’s will was being viewed by his family, three close friends, and Admiral Nogura.  “If you’re watching this, I know that I’m dead.  That’s a strange feeling.  I probably died in the line of duty since I’m planning to change this if I ever retire.  Bones, I want you and Montgomery to arrange my memorial.  If I have any remains, please have them sent to the Klingons so that they’ll know that I’m dead and peace can be established.  Spock, you were my best friend and I’d like you to deliver my eulogy.  Mom, if you or Peter need something, Heihachiro has told me that he’ll always be there for you.  Peter, all of my worldly possessions with the exception of one thing now belong to you.  Mr. Spock, you get the book which I keep on my nightstand all the time.  This is the last statement I can make and I’d like to quote Marx, ‘Last words are for fools who believe they haven’t said enough already.’  Goodbye.”