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I have been busy this week, getting my third book out there on Amazon.  It delayed my post Monday, but I’m back on schedule today.  So, when last we left off, Admiral Nogura was trying to break the news to the next of kin of somebody’s passing.

As I re-read this, I once again see how my writing style has changed.  If I wrote this today, the admiral’s shoulders would droop.  Spock’s voice would quaver.  The ensign would shrink back as he interrupted the admiral.  Looking back, there was not really any good use of body language to portray mood or emotion.  Believe me when I tell you that I have fixed that these days.

Yes, these chunks are small.  Yes, I can hardly stomach the thought of running out of them.  After today, there will be three more chunks – the viewing of a video will, the memorial service, and the epilogue wrapping up everything else for everybody.

Here’s the next section:

Nogura had just switched off the screen when his ensign informed him that he had another call.  “Tell them that I’m busy,” said the Admiral, too depressed to speak with anyone.

“It’s a Captain Spock, sir,” he paused, “He says it’s rather important.”

“Put him on screen.”

As Spock’s image filled the screen, Nogura was astonished.  Mr. Spock looked haggard, and his voice sounded like it.  “Admiral, Jim informed me of his death and wanted me to make sure the proper arrangements are made.  Have you informed his family yet?”

“I just found out about his death myself.  As for the arrangements, we haven’t reviewed his will.  I will contact the family now and make arrangements for reviewing the will.  Goodbye for now, Captain Spock.”

“Live long and prosper, Admiral.”