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Yes, I know.  This is the second time in as many weeks that I have been a day late with my blog post.  I feel bad about that.  Really, I do.  I debated posting yesterday and I tried to come up with something to fill the gap, but I just couldn’t.  You see, late yesterday I submitted Book Three of the Vergrinn War series to Kindle Direct on Amazon, and I wanted my next post to be the announcement that it is live and for sale right now.

The first book took four weeks to write and was published in roughly four months from the day I sat down to write.  The second book took five months to write and was available six months from when I started it.  The third book took ten months to write and is now available eleven and a half months after I sat down to start it.

I am hoping that the fourth one will flow more smoothly, but who knows.  Since I am  full time IT guy who spends a significant amount of his other time volunteering with a couple of different organizations, I guess I should be happy if I can knock out a book a year, let alone three in my first year and a half of sitting down to do this.

The paperback version is not yet available (I am waiting on a document), but the eBook is now up and out there at Amazon.

If you find yourself looking for a good read, give it a shot.  If you want some feedback from somebody who has actually paid for the opportunity to read what I’ve written, this is what somebody who bought the first two (and after providing excellent feedback was asked to be a beta reader) had to say about Book Three: “I think this is the best book yet, and I’ve really enjoyed reading it.”