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Yes, my Throwback Thursday post is coming out on Friday.  Sorry about that.  It’s been a busy week with sick kids, a birthday for me, a birthday for my wife, an anniversary for us, etc.  Excuses, excuses.

The story must go on.  If you read last week’s installment, you might quickly realize that something very bad just happened to lots of beloved characters.  If you didn’t, oh well.  I think this is keeping in line with my philosophy that great stories require an element of tragedy to rise above good and become great.  I discussed that at length a few months ago when I talked about things holding me back from my writing.

The seeds were clearly there when I wrote this as a kid of sixteen.  Some times, there is no “happily ever after” in this life and we must simply pin our hopes on something else.  Christians, like me, pin their hopes on a life to come.  Others pin their hopes on leaving lasting legacies.  Whatever your hopes, you will likely agree that the first scene in Chapter Nine of my story makes it clear that for some of the heroes of this story, their hopes for the future are all they have left.

By the way, it looks like this chapter is about 20% of the entire story, so it will definitely be broken up.  FYI, I just HAD to work in a way that Bones could use the line, “What’s up, Spock?”

Here’s the first installment:

Chapter Nine


“Jim,” Spock said.  He said it softly, but in the perfectly acoustic lecture hall of the Vulcan Science Academy, he was heard by people several rows away.

McCoy to his right and Scott to McCoy’s right were wondering what could have caused the imperturbable Mr. Spock to commit this serious breach of protocol, so Bones nudged him and asked.  “What’s up, Spock?”

“The Enterprise no longer exists, Doctor.”

McCoy was stunned by the information.  He didn’t doubt it, however, because he knew that Spock and Jim had a strong mental bond as a result of their close friendship and several mind-melds.  He did doubt, however, that Spock was as unconcerned as he was attempting to appear.  McCoy recommended that they leave the lecture due to the fact that if this was true, the three of them would soon be called back to Earth to attend several memorials as well as to assume new responsibilities.