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Last week I saw an article entitled “Seven ways to inspire your kids’ summer reading.  Being a parent who is always interested in promoting reading in my children and others, I read the article.  Turns out it is by Jim Denney, a guy whose blog I have read on many occasions and who has written some rather interesting sci fi stories for younger readers.

One of the things that Mr. Denney suggested doing to encourage reading is the following:

Start a family book review blog. Have family members post book reviews, lists of favorite books, stories about author visits at school, and other book-related postings. Teach your kids to enjoy discussing the books they read.

Well, given what I have told you previously about our 7 year old’s new habit of reviewing the books she reads on her Kindle, I immediately started envisioning the possibilities.  My wife and I discussed it (guys, remember that this is the only course of action that ever makes sense when you are about to undertake something as a family) and we decided that it sounds interesting to us.  So, over the next couple of weeks, we are going to work out some details of exactly how and what, but we intend to start a book review blog where we will post reviews by our whole family.  Actually, our 4 year old probably won’t do any reviews until he is old enough to read and write on his own.

We hope that this will intrigue folks – reviews (written by my wife) of books that she reads (I foresee many mysteries here), reviews by me of things I read (Sci Fi and Fantasy might take precedence), and reviews by our 7 year old (which could be all over the map).

…and by the way, the last feedback is being incorporated into The Vergrinn War Book Three:  The Destroyers.  I am waiting on an updated cover image, and I will put it out there.