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Here is another update on my writing so far.  I have finished the first, second, and third drafts of the third book in my series.  The second and third drafts were based on a re-read of the book and input from my beta readers.  I am waiting on a cover from the guy who does my artwork (he is actually working on two covers for me to choose from).

Once I get my next round of feedback and my cover, I will incorporate changes and order my first print proofs.  I like to read through the book on paper before I release it into the wild, and with both of my previous books I have found things I would really like to change when reviewing the paper proof.

I will submit the book to the copyright office, get it out there on Amazon as a Kindle book, and make it available for print on demand.  Depending on how quickly I get the things I am waiting on, I may have it out on Amazon later this month or early next month.

So, what does a writer do while waiting on stuff like this?  Well, I finished the appendices for Book Three (pronunciation guide and Dramatis Personae), and then I dug out my prologue for Book Four and reviewed/revised it.  It was a year and a half old, but the reason I wrote it back then is that the prologues progressively reveal the back story.  Since the back story hasn’t changed, the prologue needed only minor tweaking.  Yes, I have the fifth (and final) prologue in my working notes already, and I reviewed it briefly when looking at Book Four’s prologue.

What else have I done?  Well, I have come up with an idea for a short story, and if time permits, I may write it.  I say “if time permits” because I have lots of irons in the fire right now, and I will be very fortunate to get that short story written before Book Three is available.

What have YOU been up to?