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I have posted several times about our eldest child and her evolution into a bibliophile.  For her birthday, we got her a Kindle Fire HD (it was actually free because of a promotion that AT&T was running at the time, so we got her other stuff too).  We got her several books and have scanned through the free Kindle eBooks periodically to see if there is anything else worth getting her.

She has several pieces of classic literature (like Treasure Island, Tom Sawyer, Swiss Family Robinson, Black Beauty, the Wizard of Oz collection, Little Women, and more) as well as some more modern things (we bought her a Nancy Drew book that our library doesn’t have).  The other day, I noticed that there were a couple of dozen books about various animals available free in Kindle form (they’re no longer free) and grabbed them.

Now, the bibliophile is starting to review her conquests.  Let me give you some samples (and keep in mind she just turned 7)

“I chose this book because l always wanted to learn about vampire bats. This seems like a good book and it mostly is. I recommend this only for people who don’t get ill at scary pictures.” – 1 star review of a book about vampire bats

“I consider this a great book. I think everybody should have it on their kindle. I dislike so many dolphins dieing in nets though. That’s why I recommend this only for animal lovers.” – 5 star review of a book about dolphins

“I thought that this would be a good book. I disliked finding out that they drink blood though. However I think it would be good for everyone!” – 4 star review of a book about gnats

All in all, those are pretty impressive for someone her age (she did misspell dying, though).  She has a few more out there as well, but I thought this gave a decent cross section.  I love that she’s learning to love books, and I’m thrilled that she wants to share her thoughts on them.