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O.K., so I missed a week.  I went about four months and hit my goal of two blog posts a week, and then I got caught up in other stuff and completely missed last week.  I apologize most sincerely.  Raise your hand if you missed me.  Anybody?

Anyway, I do have some good news.  The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy (which is a mouthful) held a letter writing contest for Father’s Day here in the United States.  The contest was entitled Devotedly, Dad and involved writing a letter to your children on the importance of reading.  I heard about the contest and decided to enter, and let’s go check the results:


That’s right, my letter was selected as one of the winners.  I get an autographed biography from one of our former presidents (The first George Bush) and some cool socks (along with bragging rights for winning the contest).  Maybe I have actually been a little productive during my blogging down time after all.

What did my letter say?  I don’t know if they’ll get mad at me for posting it here, but here goes:

Dear Kids,

As I watch you grow and learn, I realize that you will soon outstrip my ability to teach you everything you need to learn.  I can teach you many things, but in our ever-changing world there is so much information out there that no person can possibly know it all.  This is why it thrills me to see you read.  When you read, you explore new worlds of information that extend far beyond the limits of my education (and yours).  When you read, you open up new possibilities for the direction of your life.  When you read, you increase the likelihood of success in whatever endeavors you decide to pursue.  Most importantly to me, though – when you read, you grow.  You grow in knowledge and in understanding of life and all the possibilities that await you.  You grow in your capacity to think and understand.  You grow also in your ability to read (and hence grow more).

All of this is why your mom and I have worked so hard to get you to read.  We have read to you, read with you, and listened to others read to us on CD.  We have sat and listened while you read your favorite stories, comic strips, or jokes.  We have sat down to write stories for you to read and encouraged you to write stories of your own for us and others.  It is our sincerest hope that your love of reading remains and grows throughout your entire life, and we will continue to do whatever we can to encourage that growth.