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Yes, today is Thursday and I usually do Throwback Thursdays.  For any of you still following my old Story, it will be back next week.  Today I thought I would step back and pay homage to this event from history.

69 years ago today, 156,000 Allied troops parachuted, sailed, and marched into the teeth of the enemy defenses in a bold frontal assault in an effort to turn the tides of the second world war.  Thousands of men paid the ultimate price as they seized a series of beaches.  This allowed allied forces to bring nearly a million troops over from England in the coming weeks and march through to liberate western Europe.

If, as a writer, you ever need inspiration for what a character might be feeling as they prepare to do something heroic, think about what the troops must have been feeling as they headed for the beach.  They knew that Germans were waiting in bunkers with machine guns trained on them.  They knew that the whole world was counting on them to stand up for what was right.  They knew that this might mean their death.  These were the average men of the day – determined to do what was right regardless of the consequences they might suffer.

If you get a chance, thank someone who was there.  Almost twenty years ago, I had the opportunity to talk to a man who was there.  He said that in the boat on the way over, they were all silent as one of the men sang the song O Holy Night.  Every man there appreciated the risk they faced and the gravity of the situation, and every one of them (on his boat anyway) turned to God, at least briefly.

To every man who served that day, I say thank you.  To every man who served before or after, I say thank you.