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As I mentioned before, a couple of characters were based on guys I knew at the time (I mean aside from Soved).  As you read the next chapter of the story, please keep several things in mind:

  • These guys heard I was writing a story and they wanted to be characters in it.
  • These guys gave me the names and physical descriptions (as well as personality characteristics) to use.  One of them used a modified version of his last name and a relatively accurate description of himself.  The other crafted Dirk Zealot, the man he wished he was.
  • These guys were indeed cut ups and mischief makers.  The stories of the pranks that we pulled collectively as a youth group at church would make for another blog post or three.  The joke they tell in the story was their favorite joke for months at this time.  Insert a person’s name or a class of people and they told that exact same joke hundreds of times in the spring of 1991.
  • I slipped a third person in there, but I cleverly reversed the last name and put him in a role that is not his role in real life.  I didn’t even know this guy that well.  I think he was a friend of my younger sister.

So, with all of that in mind, on to the story.  Do you sense any foreshadowing?  You probably ought to…

Chapter Five

Every half hour, Dirk Zealot checked the status of the forcefield surrounding Korrd’s cell.  Dirk was an impressive man.  He stood seven feet, two inches tall and weighed two hundred seventy-five pounds.  A native of California, he had bronze skin, light brown hair, and brown eyes.  He had a great sense of humor and all of the ladies loved him.  He loved them right back.

Thor Levakees was Dirk’s best friend.  At six feet two inches tall and one hundred eighty pounds, Thor was no slouch of a man himself.  No one knew exactly where his ancestors were from, but his red hair and freckles suggested Ireland.  He was an athlete born and bred, a strong man whose ability to swim was matched only by Dirk’s ability to love.  The two of them had been friends and classmates at the academy, and their pranks in the chemistry lab had been the bane of their professor, Karl Renyoc.  Now, the two were the comedy relief aboard the Enterprise.  If there was anything they enjoyed more than comedy, it was making fun of Klingons such as the one they were now guarding.

“You must listen to me, I’m innocent and if there is a trap set for your ship it is by the Praetor’s dogs!”

Dirk had been listening to these complaints for hours now and he thought they were beginning to sound really repetitive.  “Just shut up, General!  We’re getting really sick of your big mouth!”

Korrd continued.

Thor turned to Dirk.  “You know, it’s easy to tell a Klingon, but you can’t tell him much.”