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In honor of the bibliophile celebrating her birthday tomorrow, I decided to make the Kindle version of The Vergrinn War Book Two free this weekend.  This also goes along with the fact that her big gift this year is a Kindle as she is devouring books at a rapid pace.  We loaded up the Kindle last night with a few dozen books – mostly classics with a couple of newer items thrown in.  This means that today, tomorrow, and Sunday you can go out and grab a copy of The Wolf Spear’s Task for absolutely nothing but a little effort on your part.

Here’s the link in case you are not inclined to find it at the top or the side of this web page.

Consider this my hobbit-style birthday present (you know, the folks that gave things away for their birthdays).  Book Three is rolling along and I will have a status update on it shortly.

Have a great weekend.