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So, we are getting into the “meat” of the story.  We know that the Romulans are out to get Kirk, and we find that Kirk is paranoid about the Klingons.  I introduce a couple of semi-disposable security officers here named Dirk Zealot and Thor Levakees.  You don’t get their first names yet, but I shared them as spoilers.

Dirk and Thor were based on guys in my youth group growing up.  When we were talking about things going on in school, I mentioned my story.  Both of these guys wanted to be in there, and they both wanted to choose their own names.  Dirk Zealot was chosen by a guy named Mike (last name withheld to protect the not so innocent).  Thor Levakees was based on a guy named Brian (name similarly withheld).  The joke that one of them tells in this story was actually one of Mike’s favorite jokes back then.

It’s interesting to me to look back and see what I remember about the influences on this story from the perspective of twenty years later.

On to the story…

Chapter Three (begins)

When the buzzer at the door to the captain’s quarters sounded, Jim started, even though he had been expecting Korrd.  Here we go, thought Jim.


As Korrd walked in, Kirk saw a look of genuine bewilderment on his face.  “What exactly do you want from me, Kirk?”  Korrd inquired.

“I want answers!” Kirk exclaimed.

“What are the questions?”

“Stop playing games with me, General.  I know there’s no love lost between myself and your Empire.  Your government has something in store for me and I want to know what it is.”

“I know of no such plan.”

“Perhaps you’d like to cool off in our brig until you are willing to talk.”  Kirk switched on his comm unit and said, “Security, send two men to my quarters immediately.”

“You have no right to incarcerate me!  What are the charges?”

“Suspicion of espionage,” Kirk replied as two young lieutenants entered the room.  “Mr. Zealot, Mr. Levakees, please escort the ambassador to the brig.  He is to have no contact with anyone else without my permission and my attendance.  Understood?”

“Aye, sir,” replied Zealot, the younger but more intelligent of the two officers.