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Wow.  It’s been a year.  I know, this doesn’t fit with the Monday/Thursday posts I have been making in the hopes of building a regular readership.  Do I have any regular readers?  I’m just curious.  I have hundreds of “followers” and a few folks that occasionally comment, but I have no way to determine regular readership.  (but that’s another post entirely).

Any way, I was originally going to write this as a Modern Monday post (and I had even written the introductory paragraph above with that in mind), but I opted against that when I saw that if I made this a special post on the actual anniversary of my first post, it would also coincide with blog post number 100.  How cool (and fortuitous) is that?

Well, let’s look back over the past year and see what we have learned.

1) Blogging is no picnic.  There are no cans of potato chips (or crisps, if you prefer), no sandwiches, and no pre-packaged snack cakes for dessert.  There are, however, no ants either (unless you are blogging from my kitchen during the ant migratory season when I have not treated the house properly).  There are some things you can do to make life easier for yourself, such as pre-scheduling entries and borrowing material from various sources (including things you have previously written – see Throwback Thursdays for more on that).

2) Readers are unpredictable.  I have written some great posts that have gotten a paltry number of views, and the “About” page of my blog is actually the third leading page on the views list (maybe that should make me feel good – folks read what I write and want to learn what kind of nut I am – I’ll save you the trouble, I’m a Macadamia).

3) Everybody loves Michael Jordan.  Seriously.  My top viewed post of all time is Arrogance vs Self-Confidence, and 10% of the folks that got there  searched for Michael Jordan and arrogance or self-confidence.  Many others got there simply by searching Arrogance vs Self-Confidence.

4) The writing process is a journey, and like any journey to a strange and faraway place, it moves at various speeds.  I flew through my first book in four weeks of writing, took the subway from the airport as I ground out my second in five months, and have been languishing in traffic in a rental car for the past eight months as I work on the third.  The third book is getting there (I’ll give a progress report soon), but as I said before, many things are holding me back.

What will the next year bring?  I sincerely hope that I have finished Book Three of The Vergrinn War series and have made major progress on Book Four: The Rightful Heir (heir to what?  You’ll see.  As with all of these books, there is a dual meaning to the titles that only becomes apparent as you read through the book).  Hopefully I will have at least another hundred posts out there (at two per week I ought to, right?).  You never can tell what the future will bring, so I guess I’ll have to just wait and see.