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That’s right.  This young author had a prologue and then three “scenes” in chapter one of that story.  I know they were scenes, complete with scene breaks, because I skipped a line in my notebook where I wrote this.  It’s amazing how well pencil on paper has kept up over the past 20+ years.

So, in Chapter Two, I start introducing “my” characters to the story.  If you recall from the prologue, McCoy, Scott, and Spock were left on the planet Vulcan to attend some conference.  Maybe the actors were written into smaller roles because of a dispute over pay, but I think it likely that there are other reasons.  A couple of new characters get introduced, and I’ll give you more detail on them later (when the story does).  I will say that Bob S. Soved is referred to the way he was because he was a caricature (without much, if any, exaggeration needed) of the teacher who had assigned this project to us.  That man’s name?  Bob Devoss.  Get it?  Now you’ll know what to look for when he gets a detailed introduction later.

Anyway, the opening scene of chapter two sets the stage and builds tension, but nothing really happens from a plot perspective.  Sorry to have to bog you down with this, but it is the next scene.

On to the story:

Chapter Two

As James T. Kirk stepped onto the bridge, everything almost seemed normal.  As he surveyed his surroundings, he saw Sulu at the helm, Chekov at the navigation console, and Uhura at communications.  He knew he could trust these people, but he wasn’t sure about Bob S. Soved at Spock’s station or Sophia Sterling in engineering.  Regardless of his own doubts, he managed to remain calm as he sat in his chair and listened to the status reports coming in to Uhura from several different decks.

“Plot a course for Nimbus III, Mr. Chekov,” Kirk said.

“Course plotted and laid in, Keptin,” was the almost instantaneous reply.

“Thank you, Mr. Chekov.  Ahead warp factor four, Mister Sulu,” Kirk snapped.

“Aye, Captain,” Sulu replied, exchanging a quick glance with Chekov due to the unusual tone in Kirk’s voice.

“Call me an hour before we reach Nimbus, Uhura.  I’ll be in my quarters.  Mr. Soved, you have the conn.”