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The old Star Trek story continues again in my throwback Thursday post.  Yes, I actually did write <expletive delete> in my original manuscript.  I don’t swear and never have, but I realized that in this situation, the TV/movie characters someone else created would have.  I think we were also discussing Nixon and Watergate in my AP American Government class at the time, so that phrase makes perfect sense here.

This is a short scene, and it once again displays my overwhelming geekiness.  What is Uhura’s first name?  Of course I knew that way back then.


After parting from the two other diplomats, Kaithlin strolled casually back to her cabin, lost in thought.  It seems so simple, she thought.  If this works, we can establish a period of galactic harmony to last for millennia, and the three of us will be known forever as the saviors of the universe.  She would have to act quickly, though.  Her last communique from command had said that the Praetor was going to destroy the Enterprise and with it any and all hope for peace.

Upon entering her cabin, she crossed directly over to her communications board.  “<expletive delete>,” she said when she realized that it was no longer working.  She couldn’t very well use the ship’s main communication systems to speak with her government because she knew that Nyota Uhura might listen to her every word.  She would have to improvise if she wanted to save herself, her Praetor, and the greatest military hero that the galaxy had known for a long time.