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The old Star Trek story continues this week in my throwback Thursday post.  Remember, this was written by a 16 year old kid.  Multiple characters interacting via dialogue is always a tricky thing for early writers to do, but I think that I did a decent job here.

By the way, are my chunks of the story too small?  I am trying to provide them a “scene” at a time (as divided in the original manuscript), but some of them might make sense with a couple of scenes concatenated into one post.  Any thoughts?


In the main briefing room aboard the Enterprise, St. John Talbot, Caithlin Darr, and General Korrd were working on revising the existing treaties between their three respective governments.  “I believe that the only problems remaining are the neutral zones.  None of us has a consistent policy regarding violations.  We should get rid of them,” said Talbot.

“But how would we divide the extra territory among the two border governments?” asked Korrd.

“One government would divide the zone into two parts and the other government would be given the choice between the two parts,” replied Talbot.

“But what if one government chose the part closer to the other government’s territory?” asked Korrd.

“In that case, a neutral corridor of uniform length would be established at the physical center of the zone which would allow free passage from the outlying territory to and from the main body of the government’s borders.  These corridors might also serve to promote free trade,” replied Talbot.

Finally, Kaithlin Darr spoke up.  “These suggestions are all excellent, gentlemen, but I would point out that they are only suggestions.  I recommend that we temporarily adjourn to confer with our governments and receive further instructions.”

After parting from the two other diplomats, Kaithlin strolled casually back to her cabin, lost in thought.