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So, I originally thought that I would type up the story I wrote way back when and let folks read it as a serial piece over the next umpteen posts.  As I thought about that, I realized that some folks may have no interest whatsoever in that story, and it might turn them off completely.  With that in mind, I have decided on an approach to take for the next (who knows how long).

As of today, I will be posting “Modern Mondays” and “Throwback Thursdays.”  If you are interested in my catchy observations on writing, publishing, the world, and everything else (because beyond the world there are so many topics), you can still get that Monday.  This might include info about current events in my life and/or my world, shout-outs to other authors/bloggers/sites, and many other things.

If, however, you are interested in the ancient story (and other throwback things I come across, remember, etc.), you will want to tune in on Thursdays.  The next several will continue the old story, and after that, who knows…