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So, last week I posted the prologue to a story I wrote 20+ years ago.  Today I am going to continue with the first part of chapter one.  As I go through this old story, I would like to point out a few things.  First of all, in the pre-Google days, how many people knew this much about the structure and history of the Romulan Empire?  Secondly, how many American high school students would have described something as being “10 kilometers” back in 1991?  Finally, have you noticed the “grab you and drag you forward through the story” narrative hooks I end sections on?  I have tried to stay true to that today, and the most consistent piece of feedback I have received on my books is that the readers didn’t want to put them down.  Woo Hoo.  Any way, please enjoy the next section of my version of Star Trek VI.

Chapter One

Deep within the Romulan Empire, the military headquarters of that entire civilization lay buried 10 kilometers below the surface of one of the Rihannsu homeworlds.  Not even the common man, descendants of ancient followers of the renegade Vulcan S’Task, knew of its existence or location.  This knowledge was reserved for the upper echelon officers of the Praetor.

Now, this nerve center was coming to life.  Information from a top informant had just come in scrambled and using 3 different codes.  This message said that not only was the Federation sending a ship to bring back the delegates, it was sending its finest.  The Praetor had decided that to provoke a war which he was sure that he would win, he would destroy the Enterprise and the Federation’s greatest hero along with it.  Through this, they could crush federation morale and form a potential Klingon alliance.  The job of these officers, most of whom held their positions based on political favors, was difficult.  They had to formulate a plan with which to outsmart James T. Kirk, a man feared by Romulans and Klingons alike.  For a while, young officers discussed the merits of sending in six warbirds from different directions at a high warp factor to crush the Enterprise.  This plan was widely accepted until T’Vael, an older, wiser warrior who had earned his rank, pointed out that even at Warp Factor Eight, there would be several minutes in which the Enterprise could react.  “No,” he said, “I have a much better plan…”