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So, I had decided that I was going to gradually post that Star Trek story over the course of weeks or months (making blogging a whole lot easier, since I was working from material I had already written).  Unfortunately, the notebook that the story was in has DISAPPEARED!  I have looked all over the house and it is simply gone.  The story is now lost forever on the scrap heap of history.  What’s that you say?  Oh yeah, April Fool’s!

Seriously, I thought I would take a break from the story (after the whole PROLOGUE and all) to talk about April Fool’s day.  My family always went in big for the “lesser” holidays.  St. Patrick’s day found us eating green bread and green butter and green eggs and green milk for breakfast, with corned beef and cabbage for supper.  Halloween got extra special emphasis as it was our mom’s birthday, and April Fool’s Day was always a cause for concern.

My older brother (thirteen years older) was drinking coffee when I was old enough to understand April Fool’s Day.  The joke in our family was that he liked a little coffee with his sugar (he would put ten or so spoonfuls of sugar in his coffee).  April 1, 1979 was a Sunday.  My brother got up, got ready, and came down to breakfast.  All of us knew that mom had filled the sugar bowl with salt, but he didn’t know why we were smirking while he heaped his “sugar” into his coffee.  We all laughed uproariously when he took his first swig of coffee and spat it back out.  My family was helping run the buses bringing kids to church, so we rushed off to the church building.  There were donuts and coffee for the folks helping out, and my brother decided to get a good cup of coffee there.  Unfortunately for him, the folks providing the coffee had pulled the EXACT SAME PRANK!  Priceless.

Down through the years, I have endeavored to maintain the spirit of April Fool’s Day.  My sisters, who constantly harassed me about when we would start having kids, got the fake “we’re expecting!” phone calls (which they, for some reason, kept falling for).  My father-in-law, from whom we were renting a house at the time, got taken in by the news that a process server had allegedly shown up to serve him (the absentee property owner) papers in a lawsuit.  In 2001, April 1 once again fell on a Sunday, and I announced in the Sunday School class that I was teaching at the time that I was being temporarily transferred to our offices in Australia (I had actually been working with some folks in our Australian offices on a project and the folks at church knew it, so it was very believable).  Several years ago, a co-worker (who had just finished purchasing a home) was taken in by a ploy which convinced him that all of our jobs had been transferred out of state and that we could keep them only by moving.  Scott Adams would easily accept hearing that this co-worker is now a manager (that is absolutely true – I won’t name the person or even the company).

Have you pulled any good pranks today?  What about on April Fool’s Days in the past?