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So, I have written a lot about what is moving me forward and I have written a lot about what is holding me back.  Where does all of that leave me?

My last progress report had me just getting to the “meat” of the story.  Since then, I have gotten to the point where my overall progress is as follows: I have written seventeen chapters,  172 pages, and 33,000 words.  I started into the “meat” a few weeks ago, but then I realized “They have to travel several days to get there, and stuff is going on back home while they are traveling.”  I ended up going back and writing and inserting two chapters of “What happened back in Gudmund while Amundr and company were traveling.”  I am now two chapters into the meat of the work.

This allowed me to spring a surprise or two on folks.  It also allowed me to insert a big unanswered question that will be addressed at the end of this book (the question isn’t even asked, just hinted at).  I would say that I probably have another ten to twelve chapters to go (at a minimum), and at my current pace I think I can knock that out by the end of April.  To whet your insatiable appetite for my writing (who said authors have to have egos?  Oh yeah, that was me), I am going to be giving you a glimpse into some things I wrote when I was (much) younger.  The first glimpse will be Thursday, and will be a story I wrote around thirty years ago (and no, I’m not yet forty).  After that, I will post some Star Trek fan fiction I wrote in the spring of 1991.  I hope you enjoy them.