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Now that I have gone through all the things pushing me forward in my writing, I thought I would discuss the major obstacles in my way.  The first (and likely largest) obstacle is pretty basic – time.

When I first sat down to write, I had a story in my head.  It was an adventurous story about a kid or a group of kids who were sent off on a dangerous mission in the face of terrible dangers from a legendary and long forgotten group of evil creatures who had suddenly reappeared out of the distant past.

This story had first started bouncing around in my head back in 2006, but the seeds of the story had been planted when I created the bad guys for a friend of mine (recently minted Dr. Shawn Fisher – author of this, this, this, and editor of this anthology of essays by a group of high school students he taught) a couple of years prior to that.  Because I had been thinking about this story for so long, I wrote the first book in the series in 28 days.  A flurry of weekends and late nights produced a story 26k words in length which was clearly the introduction to a larger tale. (I know this because I also put together a high level outline of the series while writing the first book)

While writing Book Two, I outlined the rest of the story in more detail (a total of five books in the series).  Writing the second book took five months and produced a tale more than twice as long as the first book, but equally (I hope) captivating and entertaining.

I set out to write Book Three in the middle of a soccer season.  This is an important fact, because since 2011 I have been President of the local soccer association.  As the previous President told me (after he had persuaded me to take the job), for a couple of months out of the year it is like having a second full time job.  What was left unsaid was that four other months out of the year it is like having a part time job and the remaining six months it is like having a hobby you have to spend a few hours a week on.

Fall Soccer season ended, and I made a little more progress before the holidays hit.  My family loves the Christmas season, but it means travel and decorating and baking and shopping and wrapping and all sorts of other time consuming activities.

Fortunately, the busiest part of spring soccer is behind me (the time between the opening of registration and the start of the season this past weekend) and I will have a little more free time.  I will have even more free time when this season ends as my time as President will end with it (I will still be on the board, but that’s an order of magnitude less time).  Hopefully, with more free time in the coming weeks and months, the pace of my writing can pick up (and I will give an update on my current status once I finish my three posts about why I am going so slow).