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One of the biggest benefits of having made my books available for sale in electronic and paper forms via Amazon and their CreateSpace subsidiary is the amount of feedback I have received.  I am not talking about Beta reader feedback (which has been motivational and helpful), I am talking about feedback from folks who have bought my books and/or been given them as gifts and told me what they thought.

As Adrian Monk might say, getting the feedback is a gift…and a curse.  I’ll discuss the curse aspect of my reader feedback in a post here in a couple of weeks.  For now I’ll stick to the gift aspect.

When I sat down to write, I wanted to write something that harkened back to the books I read as a kid, and which I re-read as an adult.  You know the ones, the page turners that had kids like me sneaking out of our rooms to read in the hall where our parents kept the lights on all night.  I wanted to write the kind of stories that would keep kids (and adults) reading far past their usual bed time as they just had to read one…more…chapter.  I wanted to write stories that kids who don’t read much would pick up and read cover to cover, and ask their parents when the next book will be ready.  I wanted to write something that parents could let their kids read with no fear of dangerous, subversive themes or inappropriate elements.

According to the feedback I am getting, I am succeeding.  Kids and adults have been reading my books and I have heard from some parents that the kids (and adults) love them.  One young reader got copies of the first two books on a Saturday and finished them both by the following Wednesday.  His dad told me that he was anxious to know when book three would be done.  Another young reader, who never reads much of anything according to his mom, opened book one and was halfway through it before he paused for a break.  Several adults who have read the book have told me that the characters and story are captivating and they can’t wait for the rest of the story to be finished.

Feedback like this is great.  As a writer it buoys me up when I am feeling down.  It helps me to see that there are folks who appreciate my efforts and that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Never underestimate the importance of the positive feedback you are considering giving folks, and never hesitate to provide honest, constructive feedback.