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One of the things I’ve been thinking about lately is my motivations for writing.  My original motivation was pretty basic – I had a story bouncing around in my head and it seemed worth telling.  I’ve discussed other motivations that I had along the way as well, so I won’t re-hash those here.

One thing I will discuss is the impact that putting my stories out there for purchase had on my motivations to continue writing.  I will say that the impact was significant, and I will go into the specifics over the next several posts.  I will also say that making my stories available for purchase has slowed the writing process as well, but that will be the next series of posts.

Each of my next four posts will discuss one of the ways I have been motivated by having my books out there on Amazon as Kindle eBooks and CreateSpace Print On Demand books.   At a high level, those motivations are as follows:

Feedback –I have received lots of comments from readers of my books, and it has been universally good.

Finances – Yes, my books have actually generated cash flow for me.

Family – One of my original motivations for writing was for my family, and it still is.

Future – A big motivator to me is the potential that my books have going forward.

When all is said and done, I would encourage aspiring writers to put their work out there.  The benefits (and motivations) you’ll receive are indeed significant.