Yes, my blog has been ignored. Yes, it has been sitting idle. Is there a reason? Yes. Is it a good one? You’ll have to be the judge.

Holidays – we had so many preparations to make for the holidays. Combine that with a couple of significant illnesses in our household and free time was sparse.

Other responsibilities – Church stuff (teaching classes, etc.) and soccer stuff (prepping for board meetings, dealing with various administrative tasks) occupied lots of the free time I did have (rendering it no longer free).

Books – I have been plugging away on Book Three, while also getting some feedback and doing a little marketing of books one and two. You would probably think my blog would be high on the marketing list, but it slipped.

Either way, I am back. I intend to post once or twice a week going forward and I have a few series of posts planned out. Just wait ’til you see what I have dug up out of the Scott Biddle personal writing archives – one of the first “books” I ever wrote (when my age was single digits) as well as the original rough draft of a piece of Star Trek Fan Fiction I wrote when I was in high school and didn’t even know what Fan Fiction was.