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So, I have decided to test the waters with Amazon’s KDP Select program for my second book just to see how it does by comparison.  (for perspective, Book One was made available via Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, Createspace, and here on my blog as a free PDF).

What this means is that I am making The Vergrinn War Book Two: The Wolf Spear’s Task available (in eBook form) exclusively through Kindle/Amazon for 90 days.  What it ALSO means is that for today (and up to 4 other days over the next 90 days), I can make it 100% free to download.

If you haven’t already, go on over and download it now.  Whether you read it or not, downloading it (for free) will bump up its stats and visibility within its genre and potentially encourage others to download it.  My thought is that my books are good enough that if folks get to read some, they’ll want to read more (writer’s ego, I suppose) in the future.

If you have read my first (or second) book and liked it, feel free to grab a free eCopy and share the information about it with your friends.  If you haven’t read my books yet, grab a free copy so you can either fall in love with my writing or bash me from an informed perspective. 😉