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So our six year old daughter has decided that she loves books so much, she wants to write one  (beyond the little stories she has written previously).  As she was getting ready for bed Monday night she declared that she intends to write a book that is “a bunch of little stories put together.”  I think this is right up her alley.  Because of this, I told her that if she got this done, I would work with her to get it in good form and then put it out there just like the ones I have written.

As I walked out of her room I was struck by something similar to what one of my characters was struck by in the first book.  (here’s the passage): “This was why he was here.  These were the people his forefathers had sworn to protect with their very lives.  This was his purpose.”

O.K., so nobody is laying down their life here, but this is the reason I write – for my kids and other kids out there.  I want them to be inspired by stories and turn around and know that they can write stories too.  My books have already been bought by dozens of people (I know, that doesn’t seem like a lot) and read by many more.  Whether I ever make much money on them, my purposes will be met if I write entertaining and uplifting stories that inspire kids (of all ages) to dream again.