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So Createspace (an Amazon subsidiary) is pretty easy to use.  It took me a couple hours to get my book set up and formatted properly and then I ordered a proof copy.  Truth be told I ordered three proof copies (they were about $4 each).  The first went to James, the guy that has done the artwork for me.  The second went to Russel, the guy who I have run ideas past since day negative one of the writing process (yes, on our commute one day before I started writing this I discussed with him that I was debating sitting down and writing these stories and he has been giving me feedback ever since).  I went over the third copy with a fine-toothed comb and then gave it to my in-laws, who had not yet read my book.

After going over it with a proverbial fine-toothed comb, I made several minor changes (things I had missed reading an eBook the first dozen times but caught instantly in print).  I also got the improved map and cover from James (better than James’ previous cover which came out so dark in print that it was almost invisible).  I made all the changes and uploaded them to Createspace and ordered two more copies (one of which was given to a friend who is a published author and who first suggested Createspace).  I finished the review, satisfied with the end product, and I have now made this available for sale.

If you’re keeping track, I spent $20 for 5 proof copies (that included shipping) and I now have a print version which will soon be available on Amazon and which is available now on Createspace.  No upfront costs and minimal costs for proof copies of the book.  When a co-publisher told me they could do print on demand, it was going to be $9 per book with thousands of dollars of upfront costs to me and inferior artwork.  Let’s here it for createspace.

Here’s the link to my book.

***edited to add that it’s now on Amazon as well.

Here’s the Amazon link.