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So Amazon has added the ability to view your “author rank” for authors.  I have two books out there, so I went out to see where I fell.  To make a long story short, as an overall ranking among authors on Amazon, my high water mark has been #83,268.  Sounds depressing at first, but then you realize that there are LOTS of authors (professional and otherwise) with works available out there.

Looking at it in a little more detail, I found that when you look at authors of Fantasy eBooks for Kindle, I actually hit #1,311 last week.  While that still sounds pretty miserable, it is encouraging to me.  Then I realized that they hadn’t connected my second book to my author profile.  I made the link and it says it may take up to 5 days for the statistics to catch up on reports.  I might actually be in the top thousand authors in my category!  Thanks to all of you who have bought one or both of my books in Kindle form from Amazon and given me delusions of grandeur.

**updated to say that yesterday I hit #71,182 in overall authors and #1,175 in Fantasy eBooks for Kindle.  Woo Hoo!