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Yes, after roughly six months of work (looking back I think I started on about March 23rd) I have put Book Two of the Vergrinn War out there on Amazon for purchase in Kindle form.

Some folks apparently don’t realize you don’t need a Kindle to read Kindle-formatted book from Amazon, so let me say it right here and now: you don’t need a Kindle.  There are Kindle viewers for iPads, computers, smartphones, etc. (free, even).  I am putting this book out there for 99 cents for the first week or so (the cheapest price point Amazon will let me put it at) so that anybody who has been following me on twitter, facebook, my blog, etc. can get it dirt cheap.  After that I’m going to move it up to $2.99, the minimum price where the author gets 70% of the revenue (I get 35% of that 99 cent price).

Head on over to Amazon and buy the book for less than a buck.  You can then give me feedback and let me know whether I am a terrible writer or a decent one.

While you’re at it, read Book One (if you haven’t read it via the PDF that you can find here on my blog).

I hope to have the createspace version of both of these ready by the end of October.  I have a couple of minor updates yet to make to Book One before that can happen (I will probably be posting about the difference between my rough draft map and the really good one that a friend made for me in a few days).  I like the cover for Book Two – it was done by my friend James Climer, the same guy who did the cover for Book One and who has updated the map so that it looks like something you would find in the back of a book by Tolkien.

I will get the map updated in the eBook (it’s still my rough draft that looks like my 6 year old did it when compared to James’ work), but first James has to finish a couple of minor details on the updated map (they are things that are either important to the future storyline or really helpful in understanding things) in his spare time between being a family man, a full-time IT professional, and everything else he does.  I don’t bug him too much because I know how busy he is (and he is doing this for free).