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Today is the day.  I have my outline (I had it partway through Book Two – I finished outlining the series when I was in the middle of Book Two) and I am ready to start writing.  Soccer is winding down (which actually means the season is kicking off and all of the administrative overhead is winding down) and I will have some free time.

I am excited about Book Three.  Book Two had a lot more character/plot development than Book One (it still had action and suspense) but Book Three is a little bit of character/plot advancement wrapped up in a massive dose of edge of your seat action/adventure.

As with Book Two, the prologue will step even further back in time and explore more of the history of the vergrinn and the vergrinn wars before dropping a tantalizing hint of things to come.  After that our young friends will be off on a roller coaster ride involving danger, sacrifice, heroic deeds, and protecting the innocent.  As I think through the book I find my mind racing through scene after scene.  I can’t wait!

(if you haven’t even read book one, feel free to either read the free PDF available here or click through to Amazon and buy the eBook there for 99 cents)