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…I am glad to have sat down and started writing, there is this.

My six year old daughter has taken to writing stories (paragraphs, really) so that “We’re twins.”

She just handed me her latest work in progress.  There is a picture of two women drawn on one side of the page with a wall of ice between them (I know it is ice because it is blue and she told me it is ice – everything else is readily discernible – the one woman with a mouth open in shock/fright and the other woman with a grin (evil?) on her face) and the title “Savone Saves the Whorld” (hey, we just started working on spelling a couple weeks ago, I’ll cut her some slack).

The back of the page has the heading “A New Beginning” and then goes into the story from which she has said she is now “taking a break.”

Here’s the story (keep in mind when considering spelling/punctuation that she just turned six and I have preserved all of it here):

is int living on the moon grand said aanay im not so sure it is range out avous they went inside a castle im sleppy said nelly and laid down ow! yelld avous nelly Got out and undid the covers

So, I can clearly see what the word meant (I think range was supposed to be raining) and I can clearly see where the story is or might be going.  If the only thing that ever happened from me sitting down and deciding to write a book or two or three is that my daughter decides that writing and/or story telling is a worthy endeavor or if it just prompts her to think more creatively, it will have been worth it.  She’s even got a great narrative hook making me eager to hear the rest of the story.