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So, motivated by how close I was, I sat down yesterday afternoon and wrote.  I changed a little bit of the last chapter (adding a little more description to something, not making a substantive change) and I wrote the epilogue.  I then proceeded to knock out the appendices (pronunciation guide and Dramatis Personae).  I already had my rough map done a few weeks ago, I may see if it can be artistically improved by somebody, but for now it will suffice (and it looks kind of like you might expect a rough, hand-drawn medieval-ish map to look).

In honor of all of that, I am going to unveil the map to the world here.  Feedback would be appreciated.  The entire first book took place in a small section at the middle (the part between the places labeled “Eagle Point” and “Gudmund” – O.K., the prologue happened far to the north in the Northern Wilds, but everything else was here).  The second book takes place mostly on the southern continent.  Barring a major overhaul to the outlines/story of the rest of the books, Book Three will once again be mostly to the north, Book Four will be back in the south, and Book Five will be back in the north.  I actually hadn’t sat down and thought about that until just now, that the books alternate the setting so drastically from book to book.  Oh well, I hope that doesn’t ruin any of the surprise for any of you.

Anyway, here’s the map.  Let me know what you think.

This is my first cut at a map. Wait until the day when I reveal where this map came from. You will laugh heartily.