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Well, Saturday afternoon/evening I finished the last chapter of The Vergrinn War Book Two – The Wolf Spear’s Task.  I still have an epilogue to write (which will show two vastly different scenes), but the book has essentially drawn to a close.

I started writing this book during the last week of March, which means it has taken just over 4.5 months to write.  I stopped and started to do things like outline the rest of the series, write up some appendices for Book One, live something resembling a normal life, and various other tasks.

I don’t know how long I will take “tidying up” this book, but I need to get the appendices for this one lined out, a cover in place, (and oh yeah, the epilogue written).  My editing/proofreading of Book One went on for approximately three months before I made it available on Amazon, but I think I will try to put this one out there in September or October.  Both of those months are somewhat “slow” months for organizations I work with and should give me some extra time to do a last check and get started on the next book.

I am pleased with the story in Book Two.  It represents (and mostly is) a journey and deals with a lot of character growth and back story (while not ignoring the need for action, humor, suspense, and even occasionally tenderness).  I think Book Three will be more action packed and more “fun” than Book Two, but I don’t know if it will be “better.”  The character who grows the most in Book Two is probably not the character that you would expect to grow the most if you have just finished Book One.

I tried to keep the reader on their toes.  I tried to give action where and how it was least expected and take the plot and characters in unexpected and interesting directions (but I tried to weave subtle hints throughout the fabric of the tale so that even the biggest surprises would leave the reader going “Of course!” as they thought back or re-read the book).  There are new characters, old characters, and newly explored characters.  I am really hoping that folks will read this book and love it for the characters.

I’ll just close this post with an admonition for myself (and you if you need it). It’s another one of the Trench Run quotes from Star Wars.  (and it’s what my daughter used to say when she was 4 and I would tell her we were “Almost there…”)  “Stay on target!”