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I had such high aspirations.  I intended to post every other day.  Surely I could find something worth saying that often, right?  I had some backlogged material and an entire book I could put out there, and I only need a few minutes to knock out a little post like this.  How hard could it be?

Ultimately, my blogging has fallen victim to the dreaded process called “prioritization.”  We all must triage our lives, and blogging was set by the side to fend for itself while all of the critical cases were attended to.

How often does this happen?  We start out excited about something and plunge into it without an appreciation for how much effort it will take to do it right.  I think I had a fairly good understanding of what was involved with this, but I overestimated my available time.  I am thrilled to say that the other things I have been working on instead of my blog are going very well (Soccer Association stuff, the next book, church stuff, stuff around the house), but I don’t know if I will ever get back to the blogging pace I was at previously.  I had 54 entries in my first 73 days (and I think they were all quality stuff, but every author ought to love his or her work or they ought not put it out there).  I think I’ll try to shoot for 1-2 per week going forward.  It’s not what folks recommend for increasing readership, but it’s what I’ll do.