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Book Two is winding down.  Between Soccer Association responsibilities, VBS planning and other church endeavors, wife’s birthday and our anniversary, I have been short on time for most of July.

Over the past two nights I have finished two more chapters.  The book now sits at 25 chapters (56,000 words).  I think there is only one more chapter left (it may turn into two – I thought I only had 1-2 chapters left when I started chapter 25 and it definitely turned into at least two).  After that, the epilogue, appendices (pronunciation guide and dramatis personae) and I will be done.  To put this in perspective, Book One was 26,000 words and 15 chapters (and took exactly 4 weeks to write – this one is currently sitting at 4.5 months but that larger number included time to map the entire realm, outline the remaining stories, and add appendices back in for book one)

I was hoping to be done by August and I think I will hit that mark.  This probably means that after a month or two of puttering and editing (including re-reading the whole thing to my 6 year old – yes, I am confident that it is that family friendly) I should have it out for sale on Amazon in September or October.

I will, of course, not get to take a break because I already have book three outlined (it is the middle book and based on the plot probably the most fun).  I say I won’t take a break but the reality is that with soccer registration currently ongoing and ending on August 23rd I will have a couple weeks of dealing with pleas for late registration, organizing teams and coaches, and working on fields.  It will be a break from writing, but it won’t be a break.

Oh well.  I still hope to finish Book Three by February/March 2013.  Think I’ll make it?  Book four might even still be next summer and book five will likely take a full year from then.