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As I sit down to type up this blog post, Book Two of the Vergrinn War series sits at 47,000 words.  Book One was only 26,000 words.  The story is running away with itself.

I didn’t mean for Book Two to be this much longer.  Really.  I have found, however, that the story frequently surprises me as I sit down to write.  Oh, it stays within the framework of the outline I have written, but occasionally incidents sneak in on me as characters are struggling to reveal themselves.

In Book One the most obvious one of these was when I was rapidly approaching the end of the tale (or so I thought).  The good guys had just settled down after making their plans for the upcoming battle, and as I sat on the couch writing, I typed “It was the third watch of the night when everything went wrong.”  This led to an incident that revealed more about a few of the characters and still allowed the overall story arc to go where it was going.

In the course of writing Book Two this has happened several times.  One example is that they were going to go to a small village and be told some information.  They ended up going to the village and being told some information and then being taken by the villagers and shown more detailed information.  They talked to another villager at another point and instead of the villager giving them the high level overview, we stepped into the villager’s story for a time as if we were there with him.

I don’t think the extra length is bad.  It is not words for the sake of words and they all advance the story without slowing it down.  It does, unfortunately, mean that the story is taking longer to finish than I had anticipated.  I should still be done no later than August, but I may not have it on Amazon until late August or early September.