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We spent a long day in Pangburn, Arkansas.  Around thirty of us handed out over 1400 free, ice cold bottles of water in the 104 degree heat to a thirsty crowd of several hundred.  Some folks gave part of their day to help others and some gave all of their day to help others.

This is what charity and Christianity are about.  A small congregation (average attendance of around 40) where 30 people show up to sacrifice their holiday to reach out and help others.  Other organizations and individuals worked together and volunteered time, energy, and resources to put on a free barbecue dinner for any who wanted it.

This is what America is about.  Neighbors reaching out and helping neighbors.  The government did not provide the money, the food, the drinks, or the labor.  The government provided the gathering place and the opportunity for us as individuals to reach out and help each other.  I am confident that if our government (at all levels) focused itself on providing the opportunity for individuals and private organizations to help, they would and could (as the history of our great nation has shown).

Our government is of the people, by the people, and for the people.  We should never forget that it is us as individuals who make our nation strong, not a strong nation that builds us up as individuals.  We are guaranteed the rights to life, liberty, and opportunity (the pursuit of happiness).  Let us never think that is life, liberty, and entitlement.