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What kind of twitter user are you?  I recently wrote a post entitled “Your Digital Footprint” where I discussed the issue of quantity of tweets (and blog posts) versus quality of tweets (and blog posts).  This led to a period of introspection, which included me going out and analyzing my entire history on twitter.

As I write this, I found that I am putting out around a tweet and a half a day.  Of all my tweets, the category breakdown looks like this:

  • 20% are re-tweets of what I think is a good tweet
  • 5% are news stories I have seen and passed along.
  • 15% are “conversation” tweets – replying to a tweet by someone else
  • 50% are tweets stating that I have posted something to my blog
  • 10% are ad hoc tweets that I have come up with on the spot and decided to send.

Does this support the “quality over quantity” claim that I made?  I think it does.  1.5 tweets a day seems awfully low, and 75% of those are either my posts that I put some time into (I know, you doubt I put any time/thought into this one) or stories/tweets that I have specifically chosen out of the hundreds (maybe thousands) of stories/tweets that I read every day (I’m a fast reader) and think that they ought to be passed along.

I also have taken to reading a few of the streams of tweets from some of the folks who have put out good tweets (stuff I have re-tweeted).  Once you get me to re-tweet you once or twice, I’m much more likely to continue reading (and re-tweeting) your stuff.  As I said, I’m looking for quality to pass along.

If everybody would focus on quality instead of quantity, the noise that we all fight through to be heard would be greatly reduced.  Then again, if everyone focused on quality instead of quantity, most folks would have nothing to say in the first place.