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(or is it Fathers’ Day?)

Either way, it is a time to reflect on parenthood and on the joy (and pain) that comes with the territory.  I love my children dearly, but they have been known to be a source of frustration, fear, confusion, and the occasional small bit of anger.  I think back on my childhood and realize that whatever negative emotions my children cause in me are nothing compared to the heartaches and headaches I gave my parents.  If you never got the fire department after you as a kid for silly, irresponsible actions involving open flames and a large apartment complex and you never got suspended from school for hitting a girl and you never got kicked out of Sunday School for insubordination and you never got arrested with your friends on the street late at night when you were supposed to be safely in one of their homes a half mile away, you might not quite understand the level of heartache/headache I caused.

I’m sure this is how God views His children.  He loves us dearly, and we cause Him so much frustration and anger by our willful disobedience that He occasionally wonders why He puts up with us at all.  When we stop and think about how much pain we are causing Him, how can we not want to change our lives for the better?  I know every time one of my kids does something frustrating it makes me re-evaluate my performance as a child of my parents and as a child of God.