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As summer approached, my wife and I sat down and had a conversation.  We wanted our family to have lots of opportunities to spend quality time together.  To that end, I put in some extra time making sure the back yard was in better shape for the kids to play in (this doesn’t sound difficult, but the wooden swing/slide/fort had fallen into slight disrepair in the years between our purchasing our house and our first child being old enough to utilize it).  We also sat down and made some plans for things to do.

So far, we have gone camping, gone fishing, gone for a walk along a nature trail, played at local parks, and had a massive water fight this afternoon (and when Dad has the hose and the water gun reloading equipment, he ALWAYS wins – everybody ought to know that).  We’re thinking about catching the circus (you know, the Greatest Show on Earth) when it is in the Little Rock area next month, but most of our endeavors have required little or no money on our part.

That’s the thing people don’t realize – the most valuable commodity any of us have is time.  People can tell what you value by how you spend that precious commodity.  Do you spend your time with family and friends creating cherished memories?  Do you spend your time helping and serving others?  Do you spend your time trying to do something that will establish a lasting legacy for yourself?  Do you spend sixty hours a week at work and another fifty hours a week in front of the television?

Think about how you spend your time.  It’s the most valuable of commodities and the one you can never get back if you fritter it away.