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We all have heard of our “carbon footprint”, but as I recently stepped out into the greater realm of blogging, tweeting, and self-publishing an eBook I started to think about the concept of a “digital footprint.”  How wide should I “cast my nets” so to speak?  How often should I post something?  There seem to be a couple of different schools of thought and approaches.  The first school of thought is that your breadth of coverage matters, and posting/tweeting as often as possible is the only way to break through and make yourself “heard” above the noise out there.  The second school of thought is that you post/tweet as often as you have something worth saying, and you let the quality of what you are saying speak louder than the quantity you are trying to overcome.

I have decided to go with the second approach.  With a full time job, a family, volunteer work, and writing on the side, I simply don’t have time to waste reading all the clutter out there on the internet and it wouldn’t be fair of me to expect others to read my clutter.  I only post/tweet things that I think are meaningful and relevant, and I re-tweet things that I think are good and worthy and a little less likely to be re-tweeted.

What’s your approach?  Are you putting posts/tweets out there with such frequency and ferocity in the hopes that if you fling enough mud at a wall some of it will stick, or are you standing back and posting/tweeting infrequently (measuring quantity by the day) in the belief that quality will win out in the end?  Are you the hare or the tortoise?