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So, I am now selling my book for Nook as well as Kindle.

Here’s the link to the eBook at Barnes and Noble.

If you are anti-Amazon or pro-BN, feel free to check it out there.  The formatting isn’t quite as nice, but it’s passable.  Maybe when I get some down time from life and everything else (I do have a full time job that has nothing to do with this and a wife and kids and multiple organizations I volunteer significant quantities of time and energy to), I’ll finish book two and then go back and do a lot of stuff with formatting etc. on book one.

I’m going to be posting something in the next couple days about an amazing “offer” I received from a company willing to “co-publish” my book for me.  Sneak preview:  They offered to publish the eBook version of my book for the bargain price of $1,966!  That’s right, if I pay them roughly $2k, they would publish this book to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and a couple other eBook distributors.  What a scam.